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I’ve been to fights where hockey games broke out, Domopalooza was a party where a user conference broke out.

The night before Domopalooza I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited for what was to come this week.  I had no idea what to expect, I had heard stories about the previous year from our sales rep and that I needed to be there.  Compared to all the other conferences I’ve been to, this was on another level.

Domopalooza 2018

Monday & Tuesday: Admin and advanced user training

We’d been using the product for a while, I thought I knew a lot and what to do when, my eyes were opened.  Evolving roles, how to structure your instance for the best performance and much more, well worth the extra spend to be there.  Only complaint about the Monday/Tuesday training was the lowest common denominator, the poor guy that got thrown into the advanced user training on day 2 of his new job.  We’re trying to get into the best governance policies and from the back of the room you hear “I’ve never used this before, can someone show me how to log into Domo?”  Poor guy, he’ll get there, the UI is simple and easy to navigate.


Wednesday & Thursday: Breakout Sessions, Product Announcements and. . . Concerts?

Nothing like a bunch of data analysts gathering around to jam out to 120 decibels of Jason Derulo, Kesha or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, most of the people there were white, male and between 25 and 40, nothing worth noting in the dance move department.  Given the demographics of the audience Blink-182, Third Eye Blind or Foo Fighters may have been a more appropriate pick, you never know maybe Josh James’ musical taste will change next year?

Break-out sessions were great, most of the speakers were very engaging and shared relevant content for who was in the audience.  I do have to say though that the coming product updates blew my mind!

Updated analysis UI, Alert Center, Data Lineage, Mr. Roboto (AI & Machine Learning) were just a few.  The beta versions are now dropping to clients and everything we’ve seen is as good as promised.  Contact us to learn more and see a demo about how DOMO can take your company to the next level.


Oh yeah, then Friday was spent at the best ski resort in Utah, and almost always in the top 5 for north america – Snowbird (with a $40 meal voucher).  Lunch at 11,000 feet is pretty cool.

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