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Custom Apps, Visualizations, Connectors & More to Take Your Business Analytics to the Next Level
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Centralized reporting seem like a mountain not worth climbing?

With DOMO and AMATA Solutions, business intelligence couldn’t get much easier.

  • Getting to Know You

    We examine any current reports you're using, the problems you're facing in your business and identify the key audiences in your organization.

  • Getting the Data

    We set up connections to the apps you use and on-premise Data Warehousing, building connectors as needed to get all your information organized and in one place.

  • The Implementation

    We build dashboards for easy analysis that your team can use right away, including insights from different datasets to get you the complete picture. We also set up schedules to keep everything updated to your specifications.

  • Training & Support

    We'll walk you through everything we set up and either hand off to your internal analytics team or help you with further projects as need down the road. It's your call!

DOMO’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to take action on key insights to improve profitability.

Charts & Graphs to Visualize Your Data

DOMO Product Feature Dashboards and Cards

Everything you need and nothing you don’t to run your day-to-day operations. Simple graphical information with drill downs for detail, laid out in an easy-to-read dashboard. Take action on what you see, minimize what you don’t need today.


Best of all, Amata Solutions customizes everything for your business.

Superior Communication

End the endless email chain. Dump the Excel attachments with hidden rows and an untold number of edits.


Use DOMO Buzz to have a conversation about the data right on the card. No links, no emails, just immediate answers. Jot down notes right on the card using the annotation feature or circle key information and send it off to your team; even remote employee are in the loop.


Take the conversation on the go with text alerts and the mobile app.

Domo Product Feature Annotations

Reports & Alerts to Simplify Leadership

Domo Product Feature Alerts and Reports

Don’t spend hours tracking down the data you need each day.


Using Alerts you can manage by exception and focus only on the most important information to your business today. Solve problems quickly and recognize great results immediately.


Use scheduled reports and favorites for quick daily check ins. Send results on a regular schedule to the right people in your organization.

Simple, Light Project Management

Use Projects & Tasks to set clear assignments and tag those responsible for getting it done. Create a task from a Buzz conversation or start a new project and set tasks individually.


Know what your teams want, how far out it is from getting completed and where to find the finished product with no bloated features that require extra set up time.

Domo Product Feature Projects and Tasks

Let Amata Solutions take the lead on your DOMO Implementation. We’re Certified Partners & Mortgage Specialists.

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