Budgeting and Forecasting

Souped up Balance Sheets, Interactive Predictive Tools and Flexible Planning Tools to Help You Grow Intelligently
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Performance Management When You Need it… Before Month-End

With Adaptive Insights and AMATA Solutions, you can spend more time on strategy and less time preparing reports.

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Manage Revenue

Take the mystery out of revenue planning and invest in people, equipment and programs your company needs to thrive. Get out of Excel and start looking ahead.

Increase Performance

Easily see what’s working across departments to maximize productivity and performance. See the impact on your balance sheet in real time.

Plan by Best Practice

Use predictive tools to manage to your goals and decrease costs. Spot the top performers and model their methods.

Adaptive Insights is the leader in Cloud CPM Solutions. User-friendly dashboards and balance sheets go further than ever before!

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Insights is built on the promise of Active Planning. Rather than spending all your time analyzing what’s already happened, Adaptive Planning allows collaboration for a comprehensive and current view of your business. Enjoy compromised forecasting and get to actionable insights quickly.


Best of all, Amata Solutions customizes everything for your business.

Adaptive Reporting

If you’re getting to the point where your Excel files are so large they are crashing and you need a specialist to make your visualizations, you’re ready for Adaptive Reporting.


Use the HTML drag and drop tool with helpful queues to make running reports easy and, more importantly, consistent. No more broken slicers, formula errors and hidden tabs.


There’s also an Excel, Word and PowerPoint add in to export reports into universal formats for easy distribution beyond the finance team.


Adaptive Consolidation

Grow without fear with streamlined consolidation. Currency conversion, ownership interest percentages eliminations and adjustments are all automatic and in one place.


You’ll also have a fully visible P&L and audit trail to stay on top of your information for M&A and compliance purposes.

Adaptive Discovery

Easily compare real results to forecasts with clean, easy to understand visuals and drill downs. Connect sources like your ERP, CRM, HRC and more, to make predictions across departments.


Amata Solutions will get you started with comprehensive dashboards and connections to meet your needs. If you need help down the line, we’re here to help adapt to challenges with the visualizations you need.

Let Amata Solutions take the lead on your Adaptive Insights Implementation. We’re Certified Partners & Finance Experts.

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