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We offer a variety of implementation services for every budget and timeline. Our time, materials, and expertise are at your disposal to find your best business solution.  We offer differing levels of involvement, from just coaching to taking on all of the heavy lifting for you.


As with any implementation or system roll-out the road isn’t bump free.  Whether you need help with go-live or have questions down the road, we’re here to support you.  We keep our clients up to date with new releases and ensure that your data is safe and keep interruptions in service to a minimum.


You have the tools and they’re implemented, now what?  We offer training for anyone in your organization.  Quick reference sheets, screen-capture video, one-on-one training and access to our wiki of all of the best tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years.  Ask about our discounted rates for custom corporate-wide tutorials for all of your end users.


Everything not running as it once did?  Upload a ton of data and things have been slower since?  With Amata Solutions check-ups we ensure that you’re moving and using data in the most efficient way possible.  Let us take a look under the hood and change out the oil to make sure your budgeting or BI engine is running great.

Why Use Us?

So why use a partner? Can’t we save money by going directly to the source? By finding your solution through Amata, you will find that there is no up-charge or additional cost for the use of these products. In addition, you gain access to a wealth of experience and knowledge of how these tools can help you. We are familiar not only with the programs, but with how they are being used across various industries. This unique cross-section of experience enables us to provide you with seamless integration into your day-to-day business.


As part of our core values, we love to help both professionally and after-hours. We believe in being a part of something bigger and in giving back to help ease the problems in the world around us. Find out how our employees are helping around their communities and how you can get involved in being part of the solution.

Support, Sales & Service
Support, Sales & Service
We provide the whole gambit: Implementation, Process Consulting, Support and Continuing Education for clients on our products and services.
We Give Back Financially
We Give Back Financially
Anyone who has gone through the unexpected loss of a child knows pain that they wouldn't wish on anyone. We help to ease that pain by contributing a portion of net income to help those that lose a child. . .
We Give Back Time
We Give Back Time
AMATA employees volunteer time and resources to talk with grieving parents. Having someone sympathize with you is good, having someone to talk to whose been through the loss of a child is. . .
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